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About Us



  Company Profile 


Everything we do creates value and makes a difference for our customers. Green Light is a technology and innovation company. 

We’re LED experts in lighting and electronic displays. 
We have almost (2) decades business experience.

Green Light helps customers bring their best plans to life with our strategic services.

  • Our design and lighting consultation service enables work with customers from the concept stage.
  • We can design original products that pass testing and product standards.
  • We integrate technologies intelligently, such as controls, sensors, dimmers, and devices that lower energy use and increase efficiency.
  • We provide complete technical and installation services.

Our back end is supported by an exceptional supply chain.
And our financials and operations are verified by SGV and Co.

We are Green Light.
We try to do things in a better and faster way.
And we’re here to help make innovation become sensible and more practical for YOU.




Our Vision

​We aspire to create value that is practical and sustainable.

We aspire to be the best technology and innovation business.

Our Mission


To bring advancement to the 
markets we serve


For our People 

through career development, 
long term health and well-being.

For our Customers 

through quality customer service,
and strong relationships.

For our Community 

through nation-building projects.


To build a business that’s financially
strong, and resilient.


This is Team Green Light.  Harmonious.  Energetic.  And Service-driven. 

It’s a team melded from dissimilar backgrounds, harking from far-flung origins, each carrying different, even contrarian, tastes.  It’s an uncanny blend of a Team, and with deep roots. 

Not surprisingly, in over a decade of working together, Team Green Light has blossomed into a winner – by choosing to fuse all random differences singularly into an exceptional. There is no group think in our creative process.  No one among us has a superlative of skills or knowledge. Instead, everyone in our Team has healthy dose of both, with the right mix of differences and an uncommon complementary balance of skill sets. 

What we do share is a knack to work together to achieve our shared dreams and goals, and to deliver a kind of service that’s uncommon in its approach and surely distinct in its overall value.  Kick in a great and fun culture, where we blend light bulb commercial ideas seamlessly with practical R&D innovations.  It’s a dynamic that enables us to win together – in our unique, uncommon way. 

What compels us? 

To create uncommon value.  To help build uncommonly thriving businesses.  And to enrich the lives we touch in a grand manner that is truly meaningful, memorable, and uncommonly blessed.

"To deliver excellent customer experience. And actually do it. This is our Business."

Our Services

Lighting Concept and Design Turn-key

Product Design and  Testing